Puppy Tanita

This week, the queen snake brings you some more delicious and sexy scenes with lovely and kinky babes doing naughty stuff. And this time you get to see another very submissive and sexy lady getting to be played with by her mistress. The sexy short haired mistress decided that it was time to take her little sex slave for a walk and so she took her to this nice clearing besides the forest. Let’s take the time to see the two of them playing with one another all afternoon long today and enjoy this simply marvelous and sizzling hot scene with them too.


Well, like we said, you get to see the mistress taking this babe for her walk, but not without style. So before setting out, both of them got out of their clothes too. Take your time to see them getting to have some fun and watch as the mistress also teases that nice and wet pussy with her expert hand too. Anyway, after that, they went out for the said walk and the mistress made sure that her cute sexy puppy was submissive the whole time as well. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll have more for you to see soon!

See this kinky mistress walking her submissive slave!

QueenSnake – Pain Tree

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to a brand new and hot QueenSnake update this fine day today. In this new and fresh scene, you get to see some more of that pink pussy that you know getting teased as our babe started to make some preparations for Christmas early this time. Well as you can see, it kind of ended up with her teasing herself some more again. And you can see more of her exploits in the past scenes as well where you get to watch her please her pussy with nettle as well. Anyway, let’s get to see her in action and at play with this superb scene as we know that you will just love seeing her at play today too.

The cameras start to roll and the lady can be seen all naked and starting to get all over that nature goodness too. She wanted to feel the leafs on her pink and perky cunt today and there was nothing to stop her from doing it either. So take your time to see her playing around with it and watch the lady moaning in pleasure as the leaves get up all in her business too. You can bet that she ended up experiencing a body shaking orgasm too and she loved it. This whole play time with the tree lasted well into the afternoon and we think that she might go for another round with it soon. so stay tuned and maybe you’ll get to see it!


Check out this kinky babe getting chained by a pine tree!

Nettle Swing

Hey there guys and welcome back to some all new and sexy QueenSnake scenes this afternoon. For this one you get to watch two more hot ladies in action. And of course, since it became the latest fashion, nettle is involved in this particular scene as well. Let’s get to see the action with them today as you are going to watch some wild babes with their passion for kinky stuff go wild just for your viewing pleasure. The two as you can see are a very sexy and kinky brunette that was here before and her curly haired buddy too.


The two kinky and sexy chicks sure know how to put on a show and first off you get to see them do some nice and kinky foreplay as they get to kiss passionately and undress too. The brunette is the one on the receiving end and her buddy makes her sit on this swing that was covered in nettle leafs as well. Take your time to see the babe enjoying her time on the said swing as her buddy was giving it her best to play with that kinky pussy of hers and she stimulated her cunt with a nice and big vibrator for the whole scene!

Watch here these kinky chicks dildo-fucking each other!

Kinky and Nettled

Another fresh week and time to see the wild babe in action for your viewing pleasure once more today. This time the sexy and naughty lady gets to expose some more of her simply luscious body and she’s sure taking her time with it too. Also some wild nettle was involved as well as this babe knows that you enjoy seeing that too. So let’s get to watch her at play with the said plant too today as she also gets to be all naked and kinky as well. It sure is one Queen Snake scene that you just have to see so sit back, relax and let’s get these cameras rolling today.

The babe decided to go for the naughty scene in her own room and you will get to watch her get wild and nasty on her bed this time. After last week’s scene where she got to be the center of attention with her birthday, the lovely and sexy brunette babe decided that it was time to have some more fun for you guys and she’s quite happy about it as well. So watch her undressing and taking her spot on her bed all naked and see her starting off to show you some nice close ups of her lovely pussy too. watch it through to the end everyone.


See this kinky babe showing off her nettled pussy!

Happy Birthday

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to some all new hot and sexy queen snake scenes. Today the babe of the hour had a little celebration of her own as it was her birthday and what better way to have some fun, than to call on over two of her best fuck buddies to to wild with just for your enjoyment. So let’s get to see them play without any more delays this afternoon as they have quite the naughty show to show off to you guys this nice afternoon. And do makes sure that you don’t skip a single one of their superb pictures either.


The queensnake scene begins with our lovely trio as they begin to have their fun in front of the cameras and you guys getting slutty and kinky while undressing too. Then you get to see them enjoy a nice oiling up session as well as things get more and more naughty. And it seems that the birthday lady was in the mood to get very very naughty and kinky too. So take your time to sit back and watch her getting peed on by her friends and enjoying the whole treatment of it this fine afternoon. We’ll be seeing you soon as always!

Take a look at this babe getting covered in piss!

Queen Snake – Conkers

Time to watch some more all new and fresh queensnake scenes today with none other that your favorite kinky lady. Today she’s here with some more of her naughty scenes and boy does she try to outdo herself this afternoon. In this one, pussy pleasing on her agenda and it seems to be quite her mission to do it with some kinky toys and fruits as well. So let’s take our time to watch her in action as for this afternoon she is sure to impress you with her all new and fresh scene. So let’s get her show started and see her in action!

The cameras start to roll and the lovely little babe gets to do her classy undressing scene first for your enjoyment. You get to watch her revealing those simply delicious nude and perky curves of hers and she does take her time to pose too. Then you get to watch the babe pulling out a nice and big massive dildo and a chestnut and without delay she gets to work on her pussy. Take your time to see this lovely and sexy queen snake as she pleases her eager pussy with her toys and enjoy seeing her moan in pleasure at the whole thing.


Check out this kinky slut stuffing her pussy with conkers!

Berry Fairy

Well here we are once again with all new and hot updates for you to see. And once more you will recognize one of these babes which we have taken to calling the nettle fairy from now on since she’s such a little cute petite babe with a love for nettle. You can check out more of her previous scenes, and you will see her enjoying herself some solo kinky time as well with the nettle. Anyway, this week she’s joined by your favorite lady and host to play and the two just put on an amazing show. So without further due, let’s get their show on the road and see the little babes in action as they get to play just for you!


Since the weather was nice and hot, the babes could play outside and you can bet that they didn’t want to miss their chance to get to be wild and naked outdoors today. So let’s see them undressing and you can see the nettle fairy taking on her little nettle dress first. Then the other babe that was all naked, gets to make sure that the dress sticks nice and tight to her body as well. So watch her use her boxing gloves to do that as well. In the end they both get to have some sexy times as well and enjoying some lesbian fuck sessions as well. We hope that you liked it too and we’ll have more for you to see next week guys and gals. Bye bye for now.

Watch here this mean mistress punching her slave!

Queen Snake – Pepper Lesbians

It’s time for another superb and fresh queensnake scene to be seen this week here and this is one that you will surely love and adore everyone. For this gallery, you get to see no less than two lovely ladies getting around to play with their food a bit and be really naughty with it too. They had lots of vegetables around in the form of peppers and the babes fully intended to use them in their nice and wild lesbian sex session for the afternoon. So let’s get to see them at play without any more delays shall we?


The two wild and sexy babes can be seen starting off their naughty girl on girl pleasing session in their bedroom but they did make sure to protect the furniture from the food play first as well. So watch them kissing and caressing one another as they undress more and more and when they get fully naked, watch them busting out the peppers. You get to see them moaning loudly in pleasure as they fuck one another’s pussies with the vegetables today and we sure hope to see them at play in the future as well everyone! We’ll be seeing you next week!

Watch these lesbians stuffing their pussies with peppers!

O Sole Mio

Another fresh week and time to see another new and kinky queensnake update this afternoon. In this week we have a nice and kinky foot fetish scene for you to see and it has some nice and hot BDSM elements as well. So let’s meet the superb little lady that will get to treat you to her superb little scene this afternoon and her naughty update. You will get to enjoy seeing this brunette babe having as much fun as some past babes as well that got to be tied up and be wild and kinky too. So let’s not delay her scene any longer.o-sole-mio

Well, straight from the start, this babe seems rather eager to get started as well. Watch her closely and see her undressing to present you and the cameras with her petite and sexy body as she gets to take off her clothes. And she even poses a bit before anything else. Then she gets her hands tied up and her long sexy legs too and is lifted in the air. And now comes the good part where you get to watch her sexy feet teased for the rest of the scene too as she enjoys it immensely as well. Have fun and see you next time!

Watch here this submissive slave getting tied up!

Nettle Spa

Well last week we had a nice and kinky update that everyone adored, so we decided to bring the babe back for some more kinky stuff this week too. All be it today, she gets to take her time in the privacy of her home as the weather got a bit too cold for going outdoors to play. So let’s get to see her in action as she has one more nettle scene for you to see this nice and hot week and rest assured that it’s as naughty and kinky as last week’s show as well. So let’s get this thing going shall we?

Her new scene starts in her house, and you get to watch her sporting a nice and cute little outfit as well. Well she has a plan to take a relaxing bath today so you get to trail her all the way to the bathroom where she takes off her clothes. On a better inspection you can see that her relaxing bath involves nettle once again and the tub is full of it too. So enjoy seeing her subject herself to the same kinky treatment as last week and watch her enjoying herself with the whole thing today as well everyone.


See this kinky babe getting her pussy waxed and nettled!

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