QueenSnake – Pain Tree

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to a brand new and hot QueenSnake update this fine day today. In this new and fresh scene, you get to see some more of that pink pussy that you know getting teased as our babe started to make some preparations for Christmas early this time. Well as you can see, it kind of ended up with her teasing herself some more again. And you can see more of her exploits in the past scenes as well where you get to watch her please her pussy with nettle as well. Anyway, let’s get to see her in action and at play with this superb scene as we know that you will just love seeing her at play today too.

The cameras start to roll and the lady can be seen all naked and starting to get all over that nature goodness too. She wanted to feel the leafs on her pink and perky cunt today and there was nothing to stop her from doing it either. So take your time to see her playing around with it and watch the lady moaning in pleasure as the leaves get up all in her business too. You can bet that she ended up experiencing a body shaking orgasm too and she loved it. This whole play time with the tree lasted well into the afternoon and we think that she might go for another round with it soon. so stay tuned and maybe you’ll get to see it!


Check out this kinky babe getting chained by a pine tree!