QueenSnake video – Electric pain

Hello, friends! We have for you a brand new QueenSnake video featuring the kinky queen of pain in person, and another naughty and gorgeous woman that got more than she expected for today. Just like a past lady, she attempted to pick up our sexy mistress and she was going to be in for a surprise when she’d feel the treatment that the sexy woman usually delivers to her sex slaves. So as they were at the bar, Snake told the blonde she likes thing painful and hard and this hottie wouldn’t budge so they went back to her place in these pics to start their sex session.

As the scene itself starts, the Queen Snake does do some nice and sensual kissing with the hottie as she undresses her and gets her ready for the treatment. Then she puts her on a small couch as she binds her hands and legs together. And she told her that now that she’s hot and horny enough she’;d get to multiply that feeling. And so she started to shock her ass and pussy with her sex toy. Watch the two vixens enjoy their session this afternoon and don’t forget to check back the past updates as well guys. See you soon!


 Have fun watching this mistress punishing her slave!

QueenSnake videos – Feel my pain

Another fresh week and time for one more superb QueenSnake videos update. Today we have a batch of clips with the sexy woman doing her regular self inflicted pain sessions. Well for this one we’ll only present the first one as you can see the rest for yourselves and discover what she does. This first Queen Snake scene, the hot woman called in another one of her buddies as she needed help. She wanted to play around some more with the nettles and she wanted to be bound while the other woman would torture her cunt with it.


Her idea in question involved her having her cunt stuffed with the herbs as it would make her feel pain. So watch her as she gets nettles inserted in her pussy while she screams in pain and pleasure. As you may remember we did make a statement that we’d bring you some intriguing scenes with this lady every week, and well we’ve kept our end of the bargain. To reward this sexy hottie you just have to keep on enjoying her content as usual from now on guys. As always enjoy and see you soon! For similar content, check out the sicflics.net site and watch some kinky babes getting their pussies stuffed!

Enjoy as the Queen gets her pussy stuffed with nettle!

QueenSnake BDSM mistress

Hey there once again guys, today we bring you one more awesome QueenSnake BDSM scene with the lovely long haired beauty. Today she has a guest as she intends to spend the night torturing her and delivering some hard core punishment. Her guest is a woman that’s very much a lesbian and she tried her luck with our lady Snake. Well she was told what our woman is into right from the start by Queen Snake herself but the woman wouldn’t have any of it. So she left for her apartment with her.

Little did she know what our very rough and sexy mistress had in store for her BDSM treatment tonight. You see she wanted to try out this type of thing and since our woman was quite the master she was really eager. But what she didn’t expect was for our evil angel to go hard core in her session and treat her that rough. Watch as our mistress tortures her sexy slave while she’s all tied up and bound with ropes today. We’re certain that you’ll enjoy the slips guys and see you next week with more fresh Queen Snake content. Until then bye bye guys!


Watch as this mistress tortures her sexy slave! 


Flowers and whip

Well it’s time for another super update and we have some more QueenSnake videos for you to see. This time your resident slutty woman goes full naughty mode on your ass as she intends to put on another self inflicted pain show as you guys get to watch her. But this time she wants to add a little romance to the scene as she spreads some flowers on the floor before she starts off to injure herself for your enjoyment. She thinks that you’ll love the added sensuality by the flowers, and we’ll guess we’ll see if she was right.


Sit back guys and watch the Queen as she then proceeds to get naked for the cameras. She pierces her nipples to make herself bleed a bit before she pulls out her whip and then goes wild on her eager pussy that behaved very badly today and since it was naughty, it deserved some punishment. Watch her whipping her cunt today guys and enjoy the show. She’ll return next week once more with another super hot update for you.

Enjoy watching this masochistic babe whipping herself!

QueenSnake – Chili torture

This week we bring you some more Queen Snake BDSM pictures with your favorite brown haired woman going for another one of her usual self inflicted torture routines. This time the naughty and sexy female wanted to feel a hot sensation, and she wanted to be as hot as she was feeling. And what other thing is hotter than a chilly paste spread over her crotch, to burn her as hot as she feels today. So without further due, let’s take a seat and watch her do her trademark self torture scene once again today guys.

The Queen takes the time to prepare the concoction as she chooses some nice and red chili that are just perfect for what she wants to do. As she explains what she’s about to do to herself, she cuts them all in a nice little pieces and then proceeds to mach them turning them into a hot and red paste. Watch her as she then takes a spot on a latex sofa as she spreads that substance on her pussy as she then proceeds to pose around naked. We’re sure that you’ll love her little QueenSnake scene today and stay tuned for her next one guys! See also another babe pleasuring herself with all sort of kinky things!


 Watch as the Queen gets her pussy stuffed with chili!

QueenSnake – Nettle bath

Another fresh week and time for some Queen Snake videos with your resident daredevil woman. Today she made change, she dyed her hair brunette and she feels that she needs to show you some more self torture today to entertain yourself. Actually we kind of find it amazing as she’s so resistant to pain and other stuff, that would make you cringe at the thought of it. This fine day she got hold of some more nettle, and what better way to spend the afternoon she thought than to take a bath in those things.


So this BDSM update is just her regular little self as she puts her body to the test once more. Oh you can bet she’s naked, haven’t you seen any of her updates so far? Well then take a good look, this woman will impress you with her lust for the harshest punishment at PornInsights. You’ll be amazed at what her dirty little mind can conjure up every time that she feels horny. So enjoy her nude nettle bath today guys. Be sure that she’s going to come back next week with another crazy scene, like she always does. Bye bye!

 Enjoy watching this bdsm slave having a nettle bath!

Hardcore QueenSnake Porn

Today’s QueenSnake scene has your naughty slender woman submitting herself to some more torture treatment for your viewing pleasure. Today she thought it was time for her to be all tied up once again and leave another person to flog her naughty body. So yeah, in this one you get to see this impressive woman getting whipped as she’s all tied up. And we would say that you should be amazed, but by now that’s kind of useless as you’ve seen her previous pics , and you know that this woman just loves the abusive treatment.

So as the shooting starts she asks to be all tied up and left hanging in the air. She then had a friend of hers grab a flail and ordered her to start hitting her with it. So without further due, enjoy the brown haired slut as she gets her fantasy fulfilled by her buddy as she does a nice job of whipping her. As you know , the pain only served to turn our woman on even more. And before long she was also reaching for her pussy to masturbate as she was getting punished harshly this time. Enjoy her scene guys and come back next week for more.


 Watch this babe getting tied and whipped!


Restrained and tortured

In this week, we have some nice BDSM pictures for you to see. The slutty and dirty minded long haired beauty felt the need to go for a nice and relaxing BDSM shoot today. It’s quite amazing how she always manages to put her body through such harsh measures just to entertain herself, and well you if you have the appropriate fetish that is. As you’ve seen so far, this woman does some things to turn herself on that other ladies would scream at only the idea of doing those things.


As the cameras start rolling poses around her living room, showing off the little contraption that she’ll be tied to today ash she punishes herself and then will proceed to take care of her pussy. So let’s get this sex show on the road shall we? Once she’s done with the being tied up part, she pierces her nipples and as she bleeds a bit, the pain seems to turn her on as she starts to finger fuck her cunt fast and hard. Enjoy everyone and come back again next week for another crazy show featuring this superb woman.

 Watch this hot slave getting restrained and punished!

QueenSnake – Lesbian lovers

We return once more today to entertain you and present you with another one of her superb QueenSnake scenes. Today our lovely lady decided it was time for her to have some fun with a buddy of hers since she was getting bored and so she picked up the phone to give her a call. The lady in question is a sexy and slender woman such as her that likes things to go down as hard core as she does. So she tells her that she’d feel in the mood for a lesbian sex session, to which her friend only replies she’ll be there pronto.

The gorgeous blonde chick arrives and rings the bell, and the sexy and dirty minded queen answers the door having a big smile on her pretty face. Right after her buddy enters her apartment things start to go down. Go to QueenSnake.com and see the girl on girl action that went down between them in this amazing gallery guys. You’ll be able to see the two sizzling hot ladies as they fuck each other’s wet cunts just for your enjoyment. See you next week when we’ll have some more Queen Snake sex adventures of the sexy woman!


 Have fun watching these hot lesbians fucking each other!


QueenSnake – Chestnut torture

Hey there once again guys, we bring you some more QueenSnake pics today and this time we have another special thing to show off. We’re bringing back last week’s hottie as she wants to do some more hard style and extreme things for you today. This day she had in mind something that would put her pussy to the test and you get front row seats to the sex show. Since last time you could saw here she was doing a nettle therapy on her body, this week’s treatment seems to have stepped up a notch for the Queen’s model


This time she seems to have came across some chest nuts and seeing them all spiky was starting to give her some ideas on what she wanted to do today. She thought that it would be nice to get a feel of how the spiky shells feel inside her pussy. And so you can see her inserting the spiky fruits in her cunt for your viewing pleasure and entertainment today. We hope that you enjoyed her second appearance here and be sure we’ll bring more next week. Until then stay tuned and enjoy the Queen Snake show, you won’t regret it.

See the Queen inserting spiky chestnuts in her pussy!

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