QueenSnake – Nettle bath

Another fresh week and time for some Queen Snake videos with your resident daredevil woman. Today she made change, she dyed her hair brunette and she feels that she needs to show you some more self torture today to entertain yourself. Actually we kind of find it amazing as she’s so resistant to pain and other stuff, that would make you cringe at the thought of it. This fine day she got hold of some more nettle, and what better way to spend the afternoon she thought than to take a bath in those things.


So this BDSM update is just her regular little self as she puts her body to the test once more. Oh you can bet she’s naked, haven’t you seen any of her updates so far? Well then take a good look, this woman will impress you with her lust for the harshest punishment at PornInsights. You’ll be amazed at what her dirty little mind can conjure up every time that she feels horny. So enjoy her nude nettle bath today guys. Be sure that she’s going to come back next week with another crazy scene, like she always does. Bye bye!

 Enjoy watching this bdsm slave having a nettle bath!