QueenSnake videos – Feel my pain

Another fresh week and time for one more superb QueenSnake videos update. Today we have a batch of clips with the sexy woman doing her regular self inflicted pain sessions. Well for this one we’ll only present the first one as you can see the rest for yourselves and discover what she does. This first Queen Snake scene, the hot woman called in another one of her buddies as she needed help. She wanted to play around some more with the nettles and she wanted to be bound while the other woman would torture her cunt with it.


Her idea in question involved her having her cunt stuffed with the herbs as it would make her feel pain. So watch her as she gets nettles inserted in her pussy while she screams in pain and pleasure. As you may remember we did make a statement that we’d bring you some intriguing scenes with this lady every week, and well we’ve kept our end of the bargain. To reward this sexy hottie you just have to keep on enjoying her content as usual from now on guys. As always enjoy and see you soon! For similar content, check out the sicflics.net site and watch some kinky babes getting their pussies stuffed!

Enjoy as the Queen gets her pussy stuffed with nettle!