Nettle Spa

Well last week we had a nice and kinky update that everyone adored, so we decided to bring the babe back for some more kinky stuff this week too. All be it today, she gets to take her time in the privacy of her home as the weather got a bit too cold for going outdoors to play. So let’s get to see her in action as she has one more nettle scene for you to see this nice and hot week and rest assured that it’s as naughty and kinky as last week’s show as well. So let’s get this thing going shall we?

Her new scene starts in her house, and you get to watch her sporting a nice and cute little outfit as well. Well she has a plan to take a relaxing bath today so you get to trail her all the way to the bathroom where she takes off her clothes. On a better inspection you can see that her relaxing bath involves nettle once again and the tub is full of it too. So enjoy seeing her subject herself to the same kinky treatment as last week and watch her enjoying herself with the whole thing today as well everyone.


See this kinky babe getting her pussy waxed and nettled!