Vampire Clamps

Another fresh week and time for a all new and fresh queensnake update as always. As you know, miss Snake has a pleasure to use anything that causes her some extra pain at any time as she just loves getting off to that. Well you have seen her use some clamps in the past, but this time she’s going wild with it. She basically got her slutty little hands on some industrial strength ones and she was more than eager to get to use them without delay too. Let’s just get her show rolling and watch her in action.

Well as you can pretty much guess, the babe first got to use them on her perky natural tits. And as you can see she was already nude as she anticipated eagerly some good times with them. Throughout her scene today, you get to see the wild babe tease herself with the things and she also gets around to please her pussy as well by masturbating and rubbing her cunt too. So have fun as always and do check out the past Queen Snake scenes around here for more naughty and sexy shows everyone. We’ll be back soon!


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