QueenSnake – Chili torture

This week we bring you some more Queen Snake BDSM pictures with your favorite brown haired woman going for another one of her usual self inflicted torture routines. This time the naughty and sexy female wanted to feel a hot sensation, and she wanted to be as hot as she was feeling. And what other thing is hotter than a chilly paste spread over her crotch, to burn her as hot as she feels today. So without further due, let’s take a seat and watch her do her trademark self torture scene once again today guys.

The Queen takes the time to prepare the concoction as she chooses some nice and red chili that are just perfect for what she wants to do. As she explains what she’s about to do to herself, she cuts them all in a nice little pieces and then proceeds to mach them turning them into a hot and red paste. Watch her as she then takes a spot on a latex sofa as she spreads that substance on her pussy as she then proceeds to pose around naked. We’re sure that you’ll love her little QueenSnake scene today and stay tuned for her next one guys! See also another babe pleasuring herself with all sort of kinky things!


 Watch as the Queen gets her pussy stuffed with chili!