Flowers and whip

Well it’s time for another super update and we have some more QueenSnake videos for you to see. This time your resident slutty woman goes full naughty mode on your ass as she intends to put on another self inflicted pain show as you guys get to watch her. But this time she wants to add a little romance to the scene as she spreads some flowers on the floor before she starts off to injure herself for your enjoyment. She thinks that you’ll love the added sensuality by the flowers, and we’ll guess we’ll see if she was right.


Sit back guys and watch the Queen as she then proceeds to get naked for the cameras. She pierces her nipples to make herself bleed a bit before she pulls out her whip and then goes wild on her eager pussy that behaved very badly today and since it was naughty, it deserved some punishment. Watch her whipping her cunt today guys and enjoy the show. She’ll return next week once more with another super hot update for you.

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