Berry Fairy

Well here we are once again with all new and hot updates for you to see. And once more you will recognize one of these babes which we have taken to calling the nettle fairy from now on since she’s such a little cute petite babe with a love for nettle. You can check out more of her previous scenes, and you will see her enjoying herself some solo kinky time as well with the nettle. Anyway, this week she’s joined by your favorite lady and host to play and the two just put on an amazing show. So without further due, let’s get their show on the road and see the little babes in action as they get to play just for you!


Since the weather was nice and hot, the babes could play outside and you can bet that they didn’t want to miss their chance to get to be wild and naked outdoors today. So let’s see them undressing and you can see the nettle fairy taking on her little nettle dress first. Then the other babe that was all naked, gets to make sure that the dress sticks nice and tight to her body as well. So watch her use her boxing gloves to do that as well. In the end they both get to have some sexy times as well and enjoying some lesbian fuck sessions as well. We hope that you liked it too and we’ll have more for you to see next week guys and gals. Bye bye for now.

Watch here this mean mistress punching her slave!