Wax Factory – Tracy

A new and hot queen snake update is here for you to see and it’s just as amazing and hot as always everyone. For this new scene, you can enjoy seeing the sexy and slutty Tracy as she gets to have fun with her mistress and lots and lots of wax. This slutty lady just adores the hot liquid pouring on her body as she describes her sensation as quite a rush. And she does love being tied up while all of this it going down as well. So let’s get to see her at play without delay shall we everyone?


The naughty and kinky lady starts off all naked and the mistress makes sure that she is nicely secured to the little…Fuck table shall we call it? Anyway, after she is done tying her up, you get to see her teasing that naked body of hers with hot candle wax as she makes sure to pour it all over her most sensible areas too. Enjoy the nice and hot QueenSnake scene as this babe moans in pleasure at the whole thing and you will also get to see a nice and big dildo used to simulate her eager and wet pussy today as well!

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